Welcome to our Learning Adventure!

My name is Melissa. I have a 3-year old son, Brady. This blog is dedicated to our MANY learning experiences. I am a teacher too, and firmly believe young children learn best through play. We have had a busy week! I try to follow Brady’s lead as much as possible with our learning “fun.” For example, a few days ago we had a terrible thunderstorm. Brady expressed an interest in weather and what caused thunderstorms, so I went to TeachersFirst, a site I often use to find resources. I found http://www.teachersfirst.com/getsource.cfm?id=9952. We stayed at this site for a solid 30-minutes exploring the weather and activities, learning what “mostly” cloudy meant versus “partly” cloudy. So Brady learned a bit of language skills PLUS science information. The highlight of Brady’s weekend was a visit to the firetrucks. He got to spray the hose and put out a “fire,” took a tour of the firetruck, and more! I also use a site, http://www.growuplearning.com/ to find some GREAT learning activities (all with play). My son is simply not a “paper/pencil” kind of kid. He is an explorer and has thrived using this site and others that I will share throughout this blog. If anyone has any other ideas for some great sites or great ideas. Feel free to comment. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you all!

Melissa (and Brady)